What’s New In 3.3?

Feature Details
Portals  Customized Portals Users can now create any number of study-related portals. Think of portals as a website, with any number of pages, content, and navigation menus between pages. The look and feel of the website is ENTIRELY up to you!! This includes the layout, color-scheme, and the use of any web-based components and tools (e.g., links, pictures, video, audio, etc.). The pages can be both public (i.e., open to the internet) and private (must login to see). The portal can target different users as needed (e.g., DSMB portal), including study participants! Ideal for study-websites as well.
Enhanced Double-Data Entry  Enhanced Double-Data Entry A new export option allows users to select only data that has been double-data entered to be included in a data set. This is a quick and easy way to ensure only verified data is extracted!
Subject Registration  Subject Registration Subjects can now register and create their own accounts via the web! The subject portal is now “Just another portal”, so the look and feel is ENTIRELY up to you (see “Portals” above)! In addition, subjects can register and create their own accounts via the web through an email verification process, completely automating initial screening / enrollment as needed (e.g., surveys)!
Enhanced Subject Search      Enhanced Subject Search The “Home” page search page now has an “Advanced” area for more sophisticated searches including searching for a value or range of values on a form across subjects. Results are color-coded based on the search criteria and dynamically linked to subjects. For instance, you can search for a tissue ID and jump directly to the corresponding encounter with the sample ID information!