New Release 3.2.XXXX

Feature Details
  Project Dashboard From the “Home” page, a project dashboard provides a visual summary of project screening, enrollment and the completion status across sites. Published reports from the Workbench can also be displayed and run for each project.
Auto-Generate Reference IDs The Reference ID can be automatically generated for all patients entered. This is set up at the “Customer” level, meaning the reference ID would be automatically generated for each new subject for ALL projects. Various masking options.
Enhanced Formatting Options Subject reports (e.g., clinic notes, educational materials, etc.) allow for headers and footers, and a variety of other options when going out to a PDF.
Enhanced Printing Options The are a number of enhanced printing options both for printing blank forms, as well as completed forms (i.e., those filled out with values).
Auto-Generate Project IDs The Project ID can be automatically generated for all patients entered into a specific project (i.e., study). Current users can turn this feature on and have the project IDs for previously entered subjects automatically back-filled. Various masking options and sequencing either across an entire project or within site.