StudyTRAX – New Release

New Release
Release 3.47 Brochure

Redesigned Subject Reports

To implement any of the following features in your study, contact us.

  • Point-&-Click Interface

    Build sophisticated reports without programming, using a point-and-click interface that includes all the features of Subject Reports! (learn more)

  • Integrated Graphing

    Add graphs to Subjects Reports to quickly convey information, improve decision making and engage subjects (goals monitoring, display of outcomes, etc.)! (learn more)

  • Dynamic Content Builder

    Create dynamic, data-driven content to engage subjects (multi-media: videos, images, links, etc.) and inform staff (AE reports, automated clinic notes, etc.)! (learn more)


New Editor Features!




Create a table that automatically creates a row of variable values for each study visit (e.g., a table showing visit date, heart rate and respiratory rate over time).


Expression Tool

Display a variable value or build an expression involving one or more variables (e.g., Calculate and display the Body Mass Index using height and weight).


Conditional Formatting

Assign formatting based on variable values or an expression (e.g., display a video of practicing good sleep hygiene if Sleep Quality Ratings are below a score of 10).



Create a graph showing one or more variable values over time (e.g., a line graph showing systolic and diastolic blood pressure at every clinic visit).