Training Initiated

  • StudyTRAX Trainer.
  • Setup Users.

  • First training session complete.
  • Setup plan for project and training materials in place.

The Setup Users will have intitial training session with StudyTRAX Trainer.
How Setup Users Prepare For Training:

Initial Training Session Characteristics:

  • Lasts about 1 hour
  • Done via online meetings (i.e., GoToMeeting, accomodates multiple attendees)

Setup After Initial Meeting:

  • StudyTRAX Trainer and Setup Users involved
  • Coordinate setup and training via:

Prior To Initial Training Session, Setup Users Should:

  • Complete online Basic Training.
  • Explore the full feature set to ensure StudyTRAX fully utilized.
  • Review setup guides (if applicable).
  • Finalize project design (e.g. collection schedule, forms, etc.)!
  • Send forms, data collection schedule and design information to StudyTRAX Trainer.
  • Prepare to build forms (the first step in the setup process)
    • Learn what can be done when building forms.
    • Watch the Form Examples and the Basic Form Building video tutorials on the Form Building page (video tutorials near the bottom of the page).
    • Review the Form Building training materials and plan for what will be needed for your forms.

During the Training Session.

  • Plan and coordinate subsequent project setup actions.
  • Discuss and determine whether new user training materials needed (i.e., Workbench reports on “Home” page).