Subject Portal


Setup Guide

The Subject Portal can be configured to accommodate a wide variety of scenarios. Below is a Planning Guide designed to ensure the requirements are correctly set up and that the feature set is fully utilized.

Registration Method

  • None (e.g., Anonymous Survey click link [on webpage or in email] and take survey)
  • By Participant (e.g., Participants complete screening form anonymously, if pass able to create named account)
  • By Staff (e.g., Patient registry, staff create account for patients with given diagnosis)

Look and Feel

  • Completely up to you:
    • Page design and layout (images, color, multi-media, etc.)
    • Public versus private pages
  • Flexibility to accommodate:
    • Branding, targeted devices (iPAD, tablets, etc.), etc.
    • Workflow, navigation and site map

Email Communication

  • Recruitment and retention emails
  • Data entry reminders

Access to Forms

  • How long subjects have to:
    • Complete forms
    • View / Edit previous forms

Engage Participant and Maximize Retention

  • Data driven reports / Newsletter, completely up to you:
    • Design, layout, content, (multimedia, links, pictures, etc.)
    • Dynamically build text and content
    • Automatically deliver conditional incentives