Scale Licensing Components

The various components of a large scale deployment of StudyTRAX are described below. Contact us with any questions.


ScienceTRAX recognizes the variety of funding scenarios, pathways to funding, and practical constraints that are a part of academic research and incorporates these characteristics into partnership-driven licensing.

  • General Information
    • No limit on:
      • Users
      • Data points
      • Sites
    • Entire feature set available
    • Includes software updates
    • Agreement Structured As Either:
      • Study-By-Study
      • Blocks of annual new studies (e.g., 10, 50, 100)

    In the best interest of the Partnership, ScienceTRAX offers special licensing categories (i.e., pilot data grant program, students) in an effort to foster the most competitive and best positioned environment to compete for the increasingly scarce research funding dollars.


A collaborative Partnership is critical to the successful integration of StudyTRAX into the research informatics infrastructure. The basis for the Partnership is to ensure users have the best experience, are the most productive and receive top-notch support. The components of the partnership include:

  • Raising Awareness of Electronic Data Capture
    • Mutual engagement on methods:
      • On-site presentations (or online)
      • Newsletter
      • Website
      • Other as appropriate
  • Standardize Inclusion Of StudyTAX in Grant Applications
    • Proposal
    • Support letter
    • Security and procedures description

Support and Training

Top-notch support is a key StudyTRAX differentiator and central to the business model of ScienceTRAX. As such, support-related performance contingencies and metrics are an integral part of the culture. There are a number of different characteristics of support and training which may include any combination of the follow:

  • A Standardized Approach to Study Setup
    • Client staff may be involved if preferred
  • Depending on Study Needs:
    • Activities:
      • User acceptance testing
      • Separate training environment
      • Structured Setup (e.g., building forms – study intervals – reports, website deployment, etc.)
      • Various contact methods as appropriate (e.g., email, phone, online and on-site meetings)
      • More…
    • Materials:
      • Video tutorials
      • Standard Operating Procedures
      • Study website content delivery
      • Portals (i.e., subject/participant and user types)
      • Question & answer exchange
      • More…
  • Structure Options
    • Blocks of time
    • Hourly
    • Full coverage (i.e., application-related assistance)

Online – Available Any Time

As a part of the license, a wide range of training materials and examples are available at any time via the web, as well as an ongoing webinar series (see table below).

 Item Description
Support Start location for all support related questions
StudyTRAX Basics Application overview and video tutorials for ALL new users
StudyTRAX Wiki Wiki devoted to a wide range of training materials, examples, How-To topics, etc. Each page of StudyTRAX linked to wiki for page specific help. From any page, click on the blue question mark to access.
Webinars Periodic webinars on various application-related topics.


Our preference is to host the application for you (e.g., manage the server, backups, upgrade process, etc.). However, you can decide to host the application if preferred.


In an effort to best manage and improve EDC-related processes, developing performance metrics and systematically obtaining user feedback will be an ongoing effort. Metrics will be reviewed and serve as the basis for quality improvement and include:

  • Application Utilization
    • License types
    • Support
    • Grant inclusion (e.g., total number, planned work-load distribution, etc.)
  • Evaluation
    • Presentation evaluations
    • User-feedback

Example Metrics