Pilot Testing Completed

  • StudyTRAX Trainer (will be assigned).
  • Setup Users (e.g., those building forms, etc.).
  • Other users if part of testing plan (e.g., a user each study site).

  • Test subjects have been run through the ENTIRE process, for ALL study events and conditions.
  • Feedback received from all test users and associated modifications made.
  • New user training materials evaluated and modifications made.
  • any other acceptance criteria met for going into production.

Test subjects will be run through the ENTIRE system and associated modifications made. Similarly, new users (i.e., subjects and staff) provide feedback on their start-up process, and associated modifications to training materials will be made. The Start-up Users will give their final approval of being ready to go into production.

Make sure the project is in “Test Mode”!! (See How) (i.e., there will be a yellow test mode background throughout the application).

Click here for a list of things to do and look for during pilot testing.

Work in conjuntion with StudyTRAX Trainer on:

  • Thorough formal testing and feedback on:
    • Testing subject data entry
    • New user start-ups (i.e., both staff and subjects about their experience and training materials).
    • Making any necessary modifications, and re-testing.

When complete, Start-up Users:

  • Give approval for going into production.
  • Delete test data using Bulk Data Tools.

Basic Training.

[[left for reference]]
Enter test subject data to validate the project setup.

    Suggestions for pilot testing:

  • The project should be in Test Mode when entering pilot data (Test Mode is evident as the background is yellow with a Test Mode watermark)
  • Enter pilot data in the subject attribute data and encounters.
  • View subject reports, if applicable
  • If possible, have all users enter pilot data
  • Remove pilot data using the bulk tools available in Test Mode prior to placing the project in Production Mode
  • pioty test training Workbench rerot for training.