Maintenance Mode

To ensure StudyTRAX is fully utilized and in an effort to provide the highest level of support, we will periodically check-in with your group about what we can do to best serve your needs. Below are the common issues addressed, but we welcome your input on what would be most helpful.

Do you have the latest release?
Each release of StudyTRAX brings a number of new features designed to help facilitate your research.

Check VersionHow to check my version?
Current ReleaseCurrent release

Are there features to implement
that would be helpful?

We will review your setup and research project to determine if there are other features that would be helpful to implement, make suggestions, address any questions.
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What would help facilitate output?

StudyTRAX is built around the dissemination phase. We will help you plan and facilitate the process (e.g., reports refresher training, setting up advanced data sets, data cleaning and scrubbing)
Output to three stake-holders will be addressed as appropriate:
1) Patients / Subjects [reports and educational materials]
2) Staff [clinic notes and reports]
3) Academic community [e.g., manuscripts]

Are there any questions to address?

Any questions or concerns that come up over the course of using StudyTRAX will be addressed.

To help us with continuous quality improvement, to drive the product roadmap, and to optimize your experience, we rely on your FEEDBACK!! We will be asking during the check-in for feedback, and/or, use the button below to provide feedback now.

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