Study Setup Complete

  • StudyTRAX Trainer (will be assigned)
  • Setup Users (e.g., those building forms, etc.)

When the following are setup and complete:

  • Data collection schedule for all project events.
  • Forms for all data elements.
  • Execution reports (e.g., adverse events, clinic notes), if applicable.
  • New users training materials in place
  • Pilot testing plan.

Coordinated interations between the Setup Users and the StudyTRAX trainer with aim of having the “execution” phase of the project COMPLETELY set up. This involves the data collection schedule, all forms, subject reports (e.g., Adverse events, clinic notes), and training materials for new users.

Work with StudyTRAX Trainer To Complete:

  • All forms
  • Data collection schedule.
  • Execution-related reports. For example:
    • Adverse events report.
    • Clinic notes.
    • Subject reports / educational materials.
    • New user training materials.
    • Subject-level data summaries (e.g., color coded chart over time) or trigger reports.
  • Pilot testing plan.