New Start-Ups

Welcome Aboard and THANK YOU!!

This page contains an outline of steps involved in the start-up process. We will work through each step and those in your group involved in the setup process, called “Setup Users“, will receive regular status update emails. Click a step for additional information. Contact Us if you have any questions. See the details of how we track your study (See Example).

  • Order Form Received

    Sending in an order form to ScienceTRAX sets the Start-up Process in motion.

  • Accounts Set Up

    Those involved in the setup process (i.e., “Setup Users“) receive their account information, are assigned a StudyTRAX trainer, and schedule training.

  • Training Initiated

    Setup Users complete the initial training session with their StudyTRAX Trainer.

  • Study Setup Complete

    The planned project (i.e., study or registry) is considered ready for data capture and initial plan for training new users is in place (i.e., new users beyond the Setup Users).

  • Pilot Testing Completed

    Test subjects have been run through the entire process, feedback provided, and modifications made. Training materials for new users are finalized.

  • Project set-up approved by ScienceTRAX Support (*** REQUIRED ***)

    Your StudyTRAX Trainer reviews the project, makes recommendations, and any associated modifications are done. The project is approved to go into “Production” (i.e., “Go-Live”).

  • In Production

    The project is started and monitored for any needed changes. Training materials for new users assessed and modified as needed.

  • Reporting & Analytical Needs Addressed

    The analytical plan is reviewed and datasets created accordingly. Reporting needs are assessed (subject and dataset-level) and put in place (e.g., progress reports, patient educational materials, clinic notes, etc.). Workbench training scheduled as appropriate.

  • Maintenance Mode

    To ensure StudyTRAX is fully utilized and in an effort to provide the highest level of support, we will periodically check-in with your group about what we can do to best serve your needs.