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Example References

Title: Clinical and Pathologic Characteristics of Biopsy-Proven Iris Melanoma: A Multicenter International Study
PI: Paul T. Finger, M.D.
Summary: StudyTRAX was used to allow for Internet-assisted multicenter, privacy-protected, online data entry. Eight eye cancer centers in 6 countries performed retrospective chart reviews. Statistical analysis included patient and tumor characteristics, ocular and angle abnormalities, management, histopathology, and outcomes.
Quote: “…working with StudyTRAX was a breeze and the support we received on our project was exceptional from start to finish. The software was easy to use and training was simple for the 18 international scientists involved, and it saved us time with the manuscript write-up….I recommend StudyTRAX without reservation.”Dr. Paul Finger, M.D.

PubMed Abstract: (Khan, S, Finger, PT, et. al.)    Archives of Opthalmology 2012; 130 57-64    [ Full Publication .pdf document ]

Title: Back to Health: A study comparing yoga, physical therapy and education for chronic low back pain
PI: Dr. Robert Saper, M.D., M.P.H.
Summary: StudyTRAX is used to coordinate and manage recruitment waves, randomize participants, collect and organize data, monitor study events (e.g., visits, phone interviews, adverse events), fulfill a variety of reporting requirements at both the individual participant (e.g., Adverse Event) and study-level (e.g., IRB and granting agency recruitment summary, data collection status), and organize and facilitate academic output.
Quote: “…After considering other options, we chose StudyTRAX for its user-friendly interface, off-site accessibility, security, and data management/tracking features. The ability to manage multiple aspects of our research study with one program is important to our team and StudyTRAX has been critical in this regard. In addition, we are incredibly pleased with the level of engagement, responsiveness, and technical support offered by their staff. .”Dr. Robert Saper, M.D., M.P.H.

Invited Meeting: [ Client slides ]
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Unsolicited Product Review

Background: We were surprised and delighted to learn one of our clients wrote a review article that was accepted to the International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering conference (May, 2012). We are grateful for the time invested in the write-up, the thoughtful comments, and appreciate the opportunity to serve as part of this group’s work.
Title: Web-Based Electronic Data Capture System in Psychiatry Clinical Trials: A StudyTRAX Review
Authors: Ying Chen, M.D., Patrick J. McGrath, M.D., Jonathan W. Stewart, M.D.
Institution: Columbia University, New York State Psychiatric Institute
Abstract: Historically, clinical research data were collected on paper forms. To control operational costs and gain access to study data sooner, researchers at the New York State Psychiatric Institute (NYSPI) implemented and reviewed the StudyTRAX, a leading web-based Electronic Data Capture (EDC). StudyTRAX is an advanced and easy-to-use EDC system. Its intuitive interface and streamlined workflow, enables clinical research coordinators, trial monitors, data managers, project managers and biostatisticians work more efficiently and with greater accuracy. The powerful data set management technology, superior customer support services and other flexible features provide real time access to high quality data. Direct entry of data by both researchers and subjects maximally reduce missing data, and prevent transcribing errors. StudyTRAX is feasible, cost-effective and generally applicable, meeting the needs of the academic community. It not only saves time and resources, but also provides a seamless transition for researchers desiring to replace the delayed date entry from paper forms with instantaneous electronic data capture.
Presentation: 6th International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering: May 17-20th, 2012.
Conference Website:
Publication: Published by IEEE and indexed by Ei Compendex and ISTP.  [ Draft .pdf document ]

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“…Thank you again for your ongoing support and consistently positive customer service. It has been a pleasure to work with you and we are delighted to continue our collaboration.”

Amanda Bergner, MS CGC

“Just got off our safety call and wanted to pass along that our NIH monitor made a point to mention that you were very helpful and that he (Dr. John Aldis) thought the StudyTrax system was excellent.”

Linden Hu, M.D.

“StudyTRAX is a really well thought out software….It was a pleasure working with the StudyTrax team on this project.
I hope we get to work together again in the near future.”

Ricardo Teles, DDS,DMSc

“This is amazing! perfecto!”
“I just continue to be amazed by what you have created!”

V.F.Froelicher, M.D.

“I love the participant access piece of it! Congratulations on this work of art!”

Carolyn Valone-Bell, M.S.

“This is cool. The more I play with StudyTRAX, the more I like it. This is by far the best product in the market.”

Ying Chen, M.D., M.S., M.A.

“LOVE the new version. All the Independent Evaluators are pleased as well!”

Ilanit Young, PhD

“We both love StudyTrax and pass the word whenever we can. StudyTrax has always been excellent and just keeps getting better!”

Drs. Stacey Grabert and Bruce Sands

“Mixing custom variables with template variables makes it easy to build just about anything one could want…not always as elegantly as fully customized… but one heck of a lot easier and, perhaps, more elegant because of the ease of creation. I can see why many universities have become addicted to your product (in spite of the fact that they own another system, etc).. It really is slick and easy to use.”

“I’m beginning to wonder how we have made do without StudyTRAX.”

Perry Shipman (Website programmer)

“You guys have been outstanding! I am so happy with the service that I received from you. I can’t beleive how great this company has been as the cliche term goes, “It’s hard to find good service nowadays.”

Breda Lau, CAT(C)BSc, BKin

“…We have been using StudyTRAX for managing the data collected for this study and have been really impressed with how user friendly it is and really like that it’s pretty flexible in terms of making changes to forms, etc…”

Sara Saberi, M.D.

“We have been using StudyTRAX for the two trials now and it has gone well. I have been impressed with the helpfulness of the tech support and the ease with which you can make changes to forms and CRF’s required at different interval visits.”

Edwin D. Charlebois, MPH Ph.D.

“I found the product very impressive. You are to be congratulated on developing such a sophisticated and versatile product.”

Patrick J. McGrath, M.D.

“Your team always does an excellent job. I am definitely a big fan of StudyTRAX.”

Feng Zhao, M.D.

“We are in the process of wrapping up the Pilot Yoga Dosing Study and have been extremely pleased with the StudyTrax system and its support! We are looking to start up our Physical Therapy Pilot Study in the next week and would like to continue to use StudyTrax to screen participants and to host our data.”

Christian Cerrada

“The Yoga PT studies are doing great, with many thanks to StudyTrax…Your team has been very helpful to our group.”

Robert B. Saper, MD MPH

“…thought StudyTRAX was a great platform.”

Nalaka Gooneratne, MD

“Your service is so good…people here really like StudyTRAX!”

Sam Yang, MS, PhD

“Thanks so much for all of your help with our study over the past couple of days. We really appreciate all of your time and efforts…The level of service you provide is truly phenomenal.”

Carolyn Yung Ho, MD

“I cannot express how pleased we are with StudyTrax and the service your team has provided…”

Robert Saper, MD MPH

“…it is a very good product.”

Daniel E Weiner, MD MS

“….. how happy has been my work experience with ScienceTRAX and StudyTRAX, not only because you have a good product, but also because you guys were AMAZING partners and people to work with.”

Clarissa Valim, M.D., ScD.