New Version!! 3.1

The latest version of StudyTRAX offers a number of new features and builds on a broad base of existing functionality ranging from setting up and running a study, to creating and managing the entire (e.g., create manuscripts, reports, eductional materials for subjects, etc.) dissemination phase (Release Notes).

Below is a map of the overall system and an introductory video, followed by a high-level list of new and existing StudyTRAX features.

Overall Map


“New-User” Introduction VIDEO

High-Level Features List

Feature 3.0 3.1
System Administration New New
Manage global database and application security settings X  
Create "Customer" database partitions and oversee the management of associated user accounts and high-level roles X  
System Setup    
Create user accounts and assign roles associated with creating Projects (i.e, studies)
and management of the central list of medications
Create and manage entities that can be shared across Projects such as subject
(e.g., demographics) and protocol (e.g., budget) forms and sites
A number of new user account preferences (e.g., page resolution, font and icon size, language, date format) X  
Automatically generate subject reference ID   X
Project (i.e., Study) Step-Up    
Create and define Projects entirely through an easy to learn, intuitive user-interface    
Integrated randomization routines    
Double data entry    
Electronic signatures and form versioning    
Share forms across projects    
Form creation and formatting done using a word processor X  
Form validation wizard X  
Build dynamic subject reports X  
Flexible study design and screening routines    
Assign study and site specific roles    
New roles include (1) read only, (2) secondary double data entry only, (3) randomization, and (4) view randomization [able to see subject’s randomization group] X  
Monitor and track adverse events    
Build automated clinic notes / reports    
Enhanced formatting options for subject reports (e.g., headers, footers, margins, etc.)   X
Create printable files of forms, individually or for entire study visit (i.e., .pdf format)   X
Automatically generate project specific ID for subject   X
Running a Project / Study    
Subject scheduling and tracking    
Dashboard visual summary of subject data entry    
Numerous pre-configured reports, as well as completely configurable reports through the “Workbench” X  
Integrated calendar and task management    
Share data across studies    
Transfer data from other systems programattically, and / or import data directly from Excel    
Generate automated clinic notes / reports    
Create printable file (i.e., pdf) of completed forms   X
Subject Portal    
Subjects can enter data via the web using an extensive range of validation and display options    
Automated and customizable email reminders of study events    
Deliver dynamic reports to subjects directly linked to data and can leverage anything that can be done on the web (e.g., videos, integrated websites, email, hyper-links, sounds, charts, graphs, values, conditional display of information, etc.) X  
Data Sets    
Centralize the creation and management of data sets across one or more studies within a single, integrated environment    
Point-and-click user interface to create and add variables to data sets    
Leverage powerful analytical and data consolidation routines (e.g., recoded variables, calculated variables, filters) that are directly integrated with data sets    
Completely integrated into data sets routines for selection of medication dosage, dose equivalency scales, and a variety of other automatically generated system variables    
Seamless export of data sets to statistical packages    
Sophisticated variable finder and selector, and automated paging to easily create and manage large data sets. X  
Compress and password protect data files. X  
New SAS export option into separate code and data files. X  
Numerous pre-configured reports that are applicable throughout the research process and cover all research-related roles (e.g., study coordinator, investigator, etc.)    
Updated the double data entry report to give a consolidate summary of ALL discrepancies at once X  
Run custom reports that are built and “Published” to Projects from the Workbench area X  
Create and manage the generation of academic output (e.g., manuscripts, posters) and reports within a completely integrated environment directly linked to study data X  
Organize and manage “To-Do” tasks across collaborators X  
Integrate and combine data sets from across one or more studies X  
Create charts, graphs and tables that are directly linked to study data X  
Clean, scrub and transform data using a number of integrated statistical routines X  
Organize and archive all related files X  
Create and run dynamic reports that are directly linked to study data and instantly up-dated with the most recent results X