Full Circle ePRO

StudyTRAX offers full circle electronic patient reported outcomes (ePRO)!! Thus, subjects can enter data online, and investigators can combine this and other data to generate automated clinic notes or reports and then deliver to subjects dynamic reports using their data! Plus, the look and feel of the Subject Portal is completely up to you!

Complete Online Experience.

  • You determine the entire look and feel!
  • Data entry
  • Numerous recruitment options (e.g., subject register themselves)
  • Automated clinic notes
  • Deliver dynamic reports to subjects

Subject Data Entry

Leverage the web for data entry (e.g., sounds, video, images, links, etc.), delivery of dynamic reports and email communication.
Look and feel entirely up to you!

Examples (click image to enlarge):           
Subject Portal
Subject Portal

Auto-Generate Clinic Notes

Utilize an automated clinic note generator for clinical practice and research reporting needs.

Example Functionality 

  • Build boilerplate text
  • Complete access to all data elements
  • Single patient or group level notes/reports
  • Utilize conditional logic
  • Summarize within or across clinic visits
  • Visualize data via charts and graphs
  •          Example Clinic Notes 

  • ‘Appendix to Neuropsychological Report’ View
  • Automated text generated from forms View
  • ‘CHF Summary Report’ View
  • ‘ALS Respiratory Therapy Report’ View
  • ‘Tumor Registry Report’ View
  • Tracking Measures Over Time 

  • ‘Color-Coded Adverse Event Report’ View
  • ‘Color-Coded Motor Exam’ View
  • Deliver Dynamic Reports To Subjects

    Instantly deliver multi-media result reports to subjects dynamically linked to their own data (e.g., sounds, video, images, links, charts, graphs, values, conditional display of information, etc.)! Utilizes the same technology as the automated clinic note generator.

    Subject Report Examples

  • Post-Surgical Progress Report (View PDF)
  • Imagine The Possibilities!!

    Imagine a subject being able to chose whether to read a customized paragraph based on their own data, see a graph of prognosis, view a video on treatment, see a list of support groups or websites identified by the investigator, or anything else that can be done on the web!