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“With StudyTRAX we can collect research study data in the same program that we use for our ALS clinic patient registry. This saves time and simplifies management and review.”

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StudyTRAX offers a powerful set of data driven tools to facilitate collaboration, enable specialization of clinical care and research efforts, and deliver information faster to patients, treatment providers and the academic community.



Share and build upon previous work, organize and coordinate across sites.



Personalize and brand to meet your unique needs and interests.



Automatically deliver results, organize reports and academic output.

World Federation of Neurology (WFN)

Presentation on the establishment of a multi-center de-identified ALS registry using StudyTRAX. Each site collected a core set of agreed upon data elements, as well as unique data elements specific to their research or clinical interests (e.g., for use as an EMR, management of clinical trials). Setup was done sequentially so that the data dictionary (e.g. , forms) could be shared with each new site, thus minimizing set up time and ensuring an easy data consolidation process.    ALS Poster

Leveraging Previous Work

Numerous ALS-related randomized controlled trials and patient registries have been set up and managed through StudyTRAX. This work (e.g., forms, data definition, clinic note templates, reports) can be instantly uploaded and used by customers at no cost. This work is intended to serve as a foundation for others, and can be used “as-is” or is easily modified if needed.    Previous Work

Center Adoption

Due to its distinct advantages, StudyTRAX has been adopted a number of ALS investigators and clinics. Some examples: 

  • Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville
  • Carolinas Medical Center
  • East Carolina University
  • University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
  • Centers