Publish Results is a research platform designed to optimize the process of collecting, organizing, analyzing and transforming data into intelligent information.



Setup the forms and data collection schedule for your study or patient registry.




Manage study events and workflow, and capture data from participants, staff or other systems.




Organize, query, and visualize data and facilitate the data analysis process.




Automate delivery of intelligent information to users and study participants.


Key Benefits Of StudyTRAX

    Publish Faster

  • Get your study up and running in minutes
  • Quickly transform data into information
  • Directly connect study data to manuscripts

    Integrate Clinical Care And Research

  • Automatically generate clinic notes and reports
  • Instantly query, extract, visualize, and summarize data
  • Leverage patient portal for data entry and reports

    Increase Productivity

  • Re-use, share and build upon previous work
  • Centralize management across studies
  • Grow with no technical expertise, point-and-click UI

Passionate About Support!

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Ask ANY StudyTRAX user, our support is second to none. We work to build long term, trusted relationships with customers and assist users in a quick and responsive manner.
“You guys have been outstanding! I am so happy with the service that I received from you. I can’t believe how great this company has been as the cliche term goes, “It’s hard to find good service nowadays.”

How would you describe your current support?

Position Your Research Career For Success!

Publication of results is a KEY metric of academic productivity. Is your data STUCK in systems too complicated to access? Release your ideas and data by using an electronic data capture system built around helping you analyze and publish data!!

Is StudyTRAX For You?         ( Comparing REDCap? )


  • How much of your research time is actually spent writing, and to what extent does your data management solution specifically help with this process?
  • Why don’t you publish more often on your patient registry data, or use it for real-time clinical decision making?
  • How quickly can you query, extract, visualize, and analyze study data?


  • How much time is spent re-inventing / learning the database structure from one study to the next?
  • If a data set has an incorrect variable value, how long does it take to correct, re-query, prepare the data set and   re-run the analysis?
  • How well do you manage the process of investigators bringing you quality, easy to analyze data?

Study Coordinator

  • How well do you leverage web-based tools to engage patients (e.g., multimedia, dynamic reports and   educational materials, data entry)?
  • How much of the protocol set-up and execution can be done by non-technical staff?
  • When staff call in sick, how well do you know and manage delegation of their responsibilities?

Research IT

  • How well do you minimize redundant research development, support and data collection costs?
  • Are your research software tools compelling enough to STOP the proliferation of insecure spreadsheets and databases for management of research data?
  • How much of your time is taken up supporting “free” EDC tools? How do you know studies are set up correctly? Who can you turn to when you have a question?


  • What end-results best measure your institution’s research productivity and reputation? What’s the best way to allocate resources to make these results happen?
  • Do your research software tools attract the top investigators?
  • What are the costs of “free” EDC tools? How are you helping the best investigators be even better?