StudyTRAX and REDCap:

A Complementary Mix Of Academic Research Tools

Within academic institutions, the research innovation and productivity focus of StudyTRAX, and the no fee, basic functionality of REDCap are a compelling combination to 1) cover the board base of investigators that need an EDC tool, and 2) maximize the success of the most productive investigators. Indeed, this combination with varying deployment scenarios has become a common strategic approach to enhance an institution’s competitive advantage.

Determining The Best Fit

Tier 1 – REDCap

Design: Simple Requirements

Safety: Low Safety Risk (AE)

Compliance: No requirments

Importance: Low

Investigator: Low Research Career Aims
NO Preference for Support
NO Preference for functionality-related productivity gains

Tier 2 – StudyTRAX

Design: Simple to Complex Requirements

Safety: Moderate to High Safety Risk (AE)

Compliance: Compliance Requirments

Importance: Moderate to High

Investigator: Moderate to High Research Career Aims
Preference for Support
Preference for Functionality-Based Productivity Gains

Request Feedback From Users

Ask current users at your institution about their experience. Email support ( ) for a list of StudyTRAX users at your institution.

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