The Milieu

Rapidly changing information technology, increasingly diverse study needs, and the progressively more competitive funding landscape demand research institutions are flexible, innovative, and efficient in efforts to attract, retain and proactively respond to the best investigators. Accomplishing this within an ever more challenging environment of fiscal constraints involves a commitment to continuous process and communication improvement, and cost reduction. In response to this commitment, electronic data capture (EDC) systems are a well recognized mechanism to improve communication and collaboration among investigators, reduce overall costs, and increase the speed, quality and efficiency of research efforts.

StudyTRAX is the only EDC to completely integrate study management (e.g., created forms, run a study, collect data) with the process of generating all types of academic output (e.g., grants, manuscripts, presentations, book chapters, posters) and thereby dramatically increases investigator productivity. Indeed, StudyTRAX has been adopted by numerous institutions and is well recognized for innovation in research productivity.

Notable Institutions

The StudyTRAX software solution is used at over 100 national and international academic institutions.

Mayo Clinic
Yale University
Stanford University
Harvard University
Ohio State University
Duke University
University of California, San Francisco
University of California, Los Angeles
Baylor University
Dartmouth College
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
McMaster University
University of Cincinnati
University of Texas
Wayne State University
Johns Hopkins University
Tufts University
Massachusetts General Hospital
Brown University
University of Miami
Columbia University
University of Pennsylvania
Stony Brook University
University of Alabama, Birmingham
Boston University
University of Pittsburgh
Mount Royal University
University of Nebraska
University of North Carolina
University of Michigan