The StudyTRAX Advantage!

Academic Productivity is a critical evaluative metric for all research centers. For a variety of reasons, publication of results (e.g., manuscripts, book chapters, posters, etc.) is a common, well recognized and accepted metric of productivity. Despite this clear end-result aim of academic research, none of the available electronic data capture (EDC) systems are organized around the publication of results or offer tools specifically designed to capture the manuscript generation process.

StudyTRAX is the only EDC to completely integrate study management (e.g., create forms, run a study, collect data) with the process of generating all types of academic output (e.g., grants, manuscripts, presentations, book chapters, posters) and thereby dramatically increases investigator productivity.

In-line with NCRR Strategic Plan

Leveraging StudyTRAX is a direct response to the following strategies specified in the NCRR Strategic Plan (2009 – 2013: [see Section IV: Informatics Approaches to Support Research, pp. 28-34]):

  1. Facilitate information sharing among biomedical researchers
  2. Encourage institutions to provide informatics-based approaches to basic, clinical, and translational investigators and their       research teams to support all aspects of their research
  3. Maximize the use of informatics-based approaches to conduct clinical research

Within academic institutions, the research innovation and productivity focus of StudyTRAX, and the no license fee, basic functionality of REDCap (NCRR supported) are a compelling combination to 1) cover the board base of investigators that need an EDC tool, and 2) maximize the success of the most productive investigators. Indeed, this combination with varying deployment scenarios has become a common strategic approach to enhance an institution’s competitive advantage ( StudyTRAX vs. REDCap Comparison ).

Empower Collaborative Networks

Building and leveraging collaborative research networks is a key advantage in today’s increasingly competitive funding environment. StudyTRAX allows collaborative investigators to organize and coordinate multiple studies within or across sites, as well as create, manage, and track all related academic output (e.g., manuscripts, posters, presentations, book chapters, etc.).

  • Complete, end-to-end solution for all research-related activity
  • Organize and coordinate multiple studies within a single, integrated web-based environment
  • Create and track academic output (e.g., manuscripts, posters) and reports dynamically linked to data and instantly updatable!

Center Adoption

The unique academic focus of StudyTRAX offers an innovative, cost-effective approach to the management of clinical research activities and has been adopted by a number of Research Centers

Some Examples

Research Centers: