Originally founded by Dr. John Putzke, ScienceTRAX is a software development company focused on delivering solutions that simplify, enhance and reduce the cost of the scientific process. ScienceTRAX is the leading provider of an electronic data capture (EDC) system specifically designed to meet the needs of the academic community.

Outcomes Research:

In an era of increased interest in accountability and end results, outcomes research has become the primary vehicle used to generate new knowledge across a wide range of domains. Due to the emphasis on measurable results, data management and analysis are an integral component of all outcomes research projects. Currently available data management systems are cost prohibitive, are well recognized for their analytical limitations and steep learning curves, and offer little support for the objectives of academic outcomes research.

Analytical Focus:

A critical factor in the advancement of outcomes research is the ease with which data can be correctly entered, organized in meaningful ways, analyzed, and disseminated through publication of results. StudyTRAX is specifically designed to facilitate this process. Indeed, StudyTRAX completely integrates setting up and running a study with the entire manuscript generation process.

The StudyTRAX Software Solution:

StudyTRAX is a scalable, extensible outcomes research platform that provides:

  1. A simple, natural user-interface and workflow
  2. Efficient and flexible analytical processing
  3. Security that protects data integrity and ensures appropriate user access
  4. Functionality that supports the objectives of the academic research community including…
      › Publication of results
      › Investigator collaboration
      › Data sharing
      › Efficient sequential, hypothesis-driven examination of data sets
      › Integration with basic science data warehousing initiatives

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