ICEMR Procedures

Setup Steps

ALL studies will go through the standard StudyTRAX Start-up procedures. In addition, there are ICEMR specific Start-up Steps.

How it Works

Data Entry

Protocol Changes

  1. Data is entered on Field Computer
  2. Field Computer creates / saves Export File to folder (See How)
  3. Export File automatically uploaded to cloud server
  4. The Export File is read into the ICEMR StudyTRAX server (See How)
  1. Data entry on ALL Field Computers STOPS
  2. Data entry STOPPED confirmation email sent to Sibe
  3. Each Field Computer creates / saves Export File to folder (See How)
  4. ALL Export Files read into the ICEMR StudyTRAX server (See How)
  5. Sibe sends confirmation email to Field Computer user that data successfully uploaded
  6. On ICEMR StudyTRAX server, the protocol change made by ScienceTRAX staff
  7. On ICEMR StudyTRAX server, a configuration file created (See How)
  8. The Configuration File is read into EACH Field Computer (See How) and the import user sends Sibe a confirmation email
  9. Sibe sends email confirmation of successful import by ALL field computers
  10. Data resumes on Field Computers
“Field Computer Status” Spreadsheet for status ***)

Standard Operating Procedures for ALL studies



  • Definition of IDs
    • Screening ID = Reference ID (in StudyTRAX)
    • Study ID         = Project ID (in StudyTRAX)
    • If subject enrolled, replace StudyTRAX-generated Project ID with Study ID by clicking “Edit Subject” on Subject Overview page).
  • DO NOT enter names into StudyTRAX
  • DO NOT enter data on the ICEMR Server
  • DO NOT make changes to the project configuration on a field computer
  • If protocol change on ICEMR server, DO NOT delete variables